Brown Builders has extensive experience and a proven record of success in projects that vary
widely in scope and size.  That and our excellent financial strength and bonding capacity, superior
safety record and top quality licensed sub-contractors have helped us build a dependable and trusted
reputation as one of the southeastern region's premier single source building contractors.


DESIGN BUILD has been a hallmark of the Brown Builders' success for over 40 years.
This is a streamlined process that creates synergy between the design and construction
phases of a project and ensures compatibility between the initial designs and the actual project
implementation. The design build approach gives you the advantage of a single point
of contact and saves you time and money.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT starts as soon as the project begins and is the collaboration
as a team with the owner and the architect. We prioritize integrating the design and construction
phases of every project in order to make informed decisions. And as a result of this approach,
we deliver our projects on time, within budget and with the superior quality on which we have
built our reputation.

GENERAL CONTRACTING is putting the right people on every job to achieve the right results, and
Brown Builders has been excelling at this part of the job since we started in 1971. We provide
a full range of general contracting services from early planning and design stages through
construction, project completion and closeout. Our team of professionals uses the latest
technology to ensure all projects remain on task and all goals are met.

CONSULTING services are designed to answer specialized needs. Brown Builders has in-house
expertise as well as professional design partners in all areas of the construction process
whether it's building multi-family, retail, medical, municipal, warehouses, schools or shopping
centers. These are people who ensure that every aspect of the job is properly managed and
that budgets are adhered to. Another advantage to working with Brown Builders' consulting
services is our national reputation as an expert in determining the best engineering and
consruction solutions for large site development.

INTEGRATED PROJECT DELIVERY (IPD) translates to a unified team approach where shared
information and collaboration maximizes each construction team's knowledge and
resources to contribute to a successful project. Safer jobsites are a result of IPD along with
reduced costs, increased efficiency and optimized schedules.

PRECONSTRUCTION is where the groundwork is laid for any successful project. Maintaining
accurate and effective preconstruction services can make or break a job, and Brown Builders
makes sure that the team members and personnel doing the preconstruction work on your job
are sufficiently skilled and proficiently trained. We provide thorough cost estimation, efficient
scheduling and detailed value engineering during preconstruction, and we utilize our vast
database of past project information as a source of knowledge to ensure the success of
every new project. Building on the past and innovating for the future—that's the Brown Advantage.

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