The personal safety and health of Brown Builders employees and of those subcontractors under our management is of primary importance to us Our employees are our most valuable assets and we want to make sure that they return home safely to their families every night Our goal is a zero injury workplace Our commitment is compliance with all local, state and federal safety rules, regulations and policy.

The safety plan for every job site is a comprehensive outline of safety rules, regulations and policy It is enforced by the Project Manager, Project Site Manager, Superintendent and the Safety Director.

It includes defining the job safety responsibilities for all management personnel, supervisors and workers Items such as fall protection, excavation safety, scaffolding, hazard communication, hand and power tools, personal protection equipment, emergency protection, aerial lifts, OSHA training, etc. are included in the plan.

For many construction projects, we propose using a full-time on site safety director whose qualifications might include: Safety Training at an accredited college or university, Safety Management Certification, completion of the OSHA 501/510 OTI Trainer Course for General Industry, completion of the OSHA 500/511 OTI Trainer Course for General Construction, Industrial Occupational Safety and Health certification, a defined number of hours of OSHA training, knowledge and certification of CPR/1st Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens and up-to-date OSHA certification through an accredited college or university.

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